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Court Decisions and Legal Documents

Related To The Dietary And Medicinal Study And Use Of Cannabis

Directive 2004/24/EC Of The European Parliament And Of The Council of 31 March 2004 (pdf-56KB)
Regarding traditional herbal medicinal products for human use
Kelly decision (pdf-52KB)
Decision is being reviewed by the California Supreme Court, which found that SB420, a congressional modification of the voter initiative known as the Compassionate Use Act, is unconstitutional. This Appellate decision delayed implementation of Measure B. The Supreme Court decision should be out in the next few months.
Mentch decision (pdf-72KB)
Narrowly defines the (California) caregiver role, requirements, and timeline. If you have used the state card system as a caregiver, please READ THIS NEW DECISION CAREFULLY AND ADJUST YOUR USE OF TERMINOLOGY TO REFLECT THE NEW LAW. PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY IF YOU ARE ACTING AS A CAREGIVER!
Kha decision (pdf-120KB)
Regards return of medicine to qualified medical patients.
Radio interview with Mendocino County Attorney Don Lipmanson (mp3-4.4MB)
Lipmanson outlines his interpretation of what can be regarded as highly restrictive 'Caregiver' interpretation rendered in the Mentch case by the CA State Supreme Court. It is nineteen minutes in length. From a broadcast on KZYX's Forthright Radio program.