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A book on Non-psychoactive Dietary Cannabis is in the pipeline. Until then the information found at Cannabis International is updated as frequently as possible.

A patient to patient blog with episodic participation by Kristen or William has been re-introduced.

Kristen Courtney brings a decade of personal experience and research to the area of dietary cannabis. With multiple autoimmune disorders: lupus, juvenile rheumatoid, interstitial cystitis, cervical dysplasia, vertebral fractures complicated by diverse pharmaceutical allergies. With 14 surgeries and 4 years of bed rest she has empathy as well as knowledge that has arisen from her education in statistics and research design.

Dr. William Courtney has seen over 7,000 patients whose diverse medical conditions have provided him with an education that has driven him to understand how raw dietary cannabis interacts with every cell of the body. If you are not his patient he cannot give specific medical advice but can speak in general about the experience he has had with others with similar conditions

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